Services Update No. 1 of 2009 - 2020: 7 October 2009 Print
Solicitors acting for APY (Finlaysons) have given notice to the Special Administrator of AP Services that they must:

  • account for money received from Anangu pensions and CDEP for housing rental. The accounts of AP Services to 30 June 2008 show $450,000 was collected from Anangu for rent with at least $165,000 admitted as being held prior to the commencement of the Special Administration in February 2009;
  • provide an accounting of housing Repairs & Maintenance money handled by AP Services to 19 March 2008; and,
  • sign up to APY’s standard NGO contract to regulate its conduct on the Lands and occupation of premises and pay rent to traditional owners.

People have been thrown out of houses for the benefit of AP Services; communities being made to choose and decide which NGO should occupy premises; arrangements sought to be made between NGOs about the use of premises involving the active participation of FaHSCIA without reference to APY; and, serious dysfunction caused in communities where AP Services has had an involvement in community management.

One community faces bankruptcy because of an incompetent Court case run by AP Services. Another community which was moving forward with leaps and bounds with Bungala’s help has returned to dysfunction with the involvement of AP Services.

It is easy for funding providers and NGOs to manipulate Community Chairpersons by offering things like being a Director of AP Services, or a Councillor on a regional council. They do this because they have no influence on the APY Lands and want to buy it and to create conflicting groups of Anangu to undermine our governance under the APY Land Rights Act.

The recent notice saying that AP Services is fighting for money for communities is a stunt. First, FaHCSIA de-funds you then they “send in a hero” to say that they are trying to help you by fighting for money. Then maybe they will provide some money if you do what they tell you until they de-fund you again.

Anangu-tjuta, how many times do you need to be hit over the head, slapped in the face and kicked in the guts? How many times do you need to be lied to, tricked and manipulated? There is nothing worse than having something and losing it or throwing it away.

Now is a time to understand our rights under the APY Land Rights Act and not be tricked into throwing them away by people involved in rounding up the Chairpersons. There will be a further Special General Meeting in November at which the retired Federal Court Judge Ron Myrkle, QC will be invited back to explain our rights to us.

There was plenty of money which could have gone to communities. AP Services wasted over $1.3 Million on consultants and lawyers trying to take over the governance of the APY Lands. Vulnerable Anangu were manipulated to put an Anangu voice to this and then dumped when it did not work. Now they are doing it again by “rounding up the Chairpersons” promising things and making us into beggars.

Don’t let your Chairperson be rounded up. Send him or her to your APY Executive Board and General Meetings instead.

Bernard Singer, APY Chairperson