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Apara – Makiri – Punti Indigenous Protected Area Print E-mail

In June 2015 APY Land Management went nyanganyi Puntiku (looking for Punti); in the Middle of the Apara-Makiri-Punti-Alkara Indigenous Protected Area (IPA). Up until last year, this sites location was unknown and there had been many trips out looking for it with only flat tyres to show for it. This is the second trip out to Punti since it was rediscovered in 2014. There were seven of us on this trip: Traditional owners and IPA rangers; Tjingilya Stewart, Inputi Winton, Adrian Intjalki, Margaret Winton & James Aitken along with IPA Coordinator, Jimi Kidman (Land Management) and Pin Rada (PY Media).

Tjinglya and Jimi carefully planned out the trip on the computer using maps and GPS tjungu (together). The trip started from Pinandi, just south of Amata, where we drove off-road following the puli (hills) and the GPS; ruuta wiya. It was not long before it was getting dark and we set up camp near a puli (hill) as the pira pakarni (moon began to rise).

After tjintu pakarni (sunrise) we travelled to Punti. There were many tali (sand dunes) but they were only small. We saw many different types of punu (vegetation): puti (woodlands), pila (spinifex grasslands) uril (grasslands) munu tali (sand dunes).

After 90km of driving off-road we found Punti! The tjukula (rockhole) was full of kapi (water). On the way back we found mankurpa (three) Mangarta (Quondong) and saw a Kipara (Bush Turkey).

Uwankara pukulpa nyangu Punti piruku!

Everyone happy to see Punti again!

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