To all communities Services on the Lands Update No. 2 2008/2009

28 August 2008

The State government released the MUNS Report in September 2007 (and APY just received a copy) which discusses four options for the delivery of Services and Municipal services on the APY Lands instead of continuing with AP Services doing most things. The report spoke of much dissatisfaction with AP services across the Lands.

The options are First; put all services out to a single tender. Second, put services out to several separate tenders. Third, APY to perform the services. Fourth to set up a Local Government Council to provide the Services. The report recommends that option two (services go to separate tender) be implemented while arrangements are put in place for the creation of a Local Government Entity for the Lands. This w

The Minister has advised in the clearest possible terms that all options are open for consideration, government has not made a decision about the various options and that NO MODEL BEING SUGGESTED BY AP SERVICES HAS BEEN GIVEN GOVERNMENT APROVAL OR SUPPORT The Minister repeated these assurances in a meeting with The General Manager in Umuwa in ?? and a number of times during his visit on 20 and 21 August.

You will have noticed posters going up from AP Services and talk of a new model with government support which will put money into communities through AP Services. The idea that money will be put into communities is untrue. It is the stated intention of the Government not to put money through communities. The MUNS report says;
“Community Councils should only have an advisory role in relation to the delivery of municipal services, essential services, environmental health services and community management. Direct funding of APY communities for the delivery of municipal, essential, environmental health and community management services should be abandoned and replaced by the regionalisation of service delivery as soon as possible.”
Nobody asked AP Services to develop a “new model” which is not one of the options suggested or recommended by the Muns report. Nor is this AP Services function on the Lands. AP Services needs to fix and make the service delivery which it is funded to provide work before trying to get involved in new things. We hope the new AP Services General Manager and senior staff will make this happen and we offer them our support.

APY has a legal duty to consult with the traditional owners under the Land Right Act. Those who disrespect the authority of the Tjilpis disrespect our law and have lost their way. APY will consult with traditional owners and communities about the MUNS report. We need to think carefully at this important time. Don't be tricked or bullied into saying or signing things. This is a time to be careful and smart.

Bruce Sean Williamson, A/Chairperson
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