Apara Makiri Punti IPA

The Apara-Makiri-Punti IPA covers approximately 1.

The Apara-Makiri-Punti IPA covers approximately 1.1 million ha, and extends from the permanent water at Apara Springs in the Musgrave Ranges at the Northern Territory border near Amata, south to the sand plains and dunes of the Makiri Region. Traditional Owners for the IPA are mostly based in Amata, Pukatja and Fregon Communities, and are working on maintaining protective fences around cultural sites and waterpoints. An [Endangered] Southern Marsupial Mole, Itjari-tjari (Notoryctes typhlops) was discovered by IPA Rangers in 2014, while on a trip with Amata Anangu School, the first time the species had ever been recorded within the IPA! A large herbivore-proof fence has been constructed around Apara Springs, and as vegetation at this significant site regenerates, the IPA is keen to investigate tourism opportunities.